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Soon, GIFT City will be granting development permits for underground parking garages 

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April 3, 2023

Despite receiving millions of dollars in Investments, the Gujarat International Finance-Tec City (GIFT City) in Gandhinagar, India, which is home to India’s first IFSC, does not have an adequate parking infrastructure. Rows of parked cars are a common sight on campus, and they may be seen on each side of the roadways. 

Because of this problem, the administrators of GIFT City have solicited bids for the construction of a multi-level parking complex that will have enough space for 1,150 cars. Currently, workers and tourists park their vehicles along the roadways close to the towering office buildings. 

The contract will be given to the bidder who submitted the lowest price, since the authorities have decided not to charge for the development rights of this building. 

The successful bidder will also be granted permission to construct additional commercial space above the parking levels of the structure. 

The planned multi-level parking and commercial complex will be erected to a height of 122 metres, will occupy a lot that is 6,600 square metres in size, and will be situated in close proximity to both the GIFT-I and GIFT-II buildings. 

Around 20,000 people are employed in GIFT City’s around 400 different enterprises, and in the near future, more multi-level parking spaces will be built in a number of different clusters throughout the city.


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